Do you believe that being able to think and being able to learn are essential to being able to pass exams?

Do you believe in investing in your child's confidence, rather than cramming facts into them?

Do you believe that an inquisitive mind and a love of learning go together?

Well, so do I. 

Welcome to the online home for traditional tutoring.

This is the website for the tutoring practice of Leon Conrad, a passionate educator for whom teaching is a vocation, not just a career.

If you're looking for someone who will help you or your child learn better, develop critical thinking strategies, boost confidence, improve exam results as well as broadening and deepening knowledge and acquiring wisdom, then I can help.

I tutor at home (Wimbledon Park, London) and on Skype for foreign students. I do not generally travel to students' houses.

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Why me? 

I have nearly 30 years' experience tutoring and teaching learners of all ages, from kindergarten to adult education; in sixth form colleges and on graduate courses, in state, private and home schooling environments. 

Unlike many recent graduates who take up tutoring, I don't do it as a stopgap to pay off a student loan. For me, it is a passion. I love what I do - and bring a wealth of experience and creative strategies to the learning environment. My approach is based on an integrated approach to the liberal arts, particularly the Trivium of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric.
I firmly believe in a sound foundation of logic, grammar and rhetoric as the basis for a disciplined approach to developing understanding, wisdom and enlightenment. And I encourage learning through the nurturing of natural inquisitiveness, confidence building, developing an eagerness for discovery. I take a holistic approach to dealing with students who appear unmotivated to learn, or have been put off learning by uninspiring teachers.
I have several teaching qualifications, but the main core of my teaching is my integrated liberal arts approach.

I am a parent as well as an educationalist and understand the frustrations parents sometimes have with an increasingly regimented schooling system, as well as the challenges that teachers face within that system. I aim to provide practical solutions that empower children to cope with learning both within and without the school environment.

My approach is rooted in sound educational practice, has grown through a wealth of experience and is nurtured with a good dose of common sense. It is organic and constantly evolving.


Some of the things that inspire me that I use in my teaching approach include:

Stories and storytelling. I use these to develop longer thinking arcs, develop structured thought by working with structures and forms that are hard-wired within us. This feeds into creative writing, lateral thinking, and problem solving.

Drawing. I've found that drawing really helps children who have problems with maths come to terms with the underlying concepts behind this highly symbolic language. 

A holistic approach to learning. Confidence comes with familiarity. Familiarity comes with practice. But practising what? Repetition without a basic understanding of the underlying structures and frameworks on which a subject is built is of very limited use. When teaching learning skills, I put the emphasis on co-discovery, not imposition of information. Parents - be warned. This approach initially takes a while to bear fruit, but it is a long-term strategy that will equip your child with the skills they need to apply to make science and any subject that requires essay writing a fun rather than a challenging undertaking.


My qualifications:

MA in the History of Design, V&A/RCA, London 

Graduate of Trinity College of London (GTCL(Hons) - Undergraduate music degree - piano, harpsichord, music theory) with a specialist interest in voice

Licentiate of Trinity College London (LTCL - Music teaching diploma - piano, music theory)

Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music (LRAM - Music teaching diploma - piano, music theory)

City and Guilds 7307 Adult and Further Education Teaching Certificate

Vocal Pedagogy for the 21st Century Course, Princeton University, USA

Vocational voice training and presentation courses taken through the British Voice Association, London

Runge Balliol Effective Leadership Course, Oxford
I have studied logic privately with polymath George Spencer-Brown, best known for his book, Laws of Form and advanced grammar with Neville Gwynne, author of best-selling book, Gwynne's Grammar.

My experience:

I taught English and Music for a year at a bilingual kindergarten in Alexandria Egypt to children aged 3 to 5.

I devised and taught a 2-year specialist undergraduate Music Theatre course at The Maurice Lane Academy of Performing Arts.

I devised and taught a 1-year specialist sixth-form Music Theatre course at Crawley College.

I taught several courses in Singing at The City Lit as well as working there as an accompanist.

I worked for 2 years as Assistant Musical Director for Opera Brava, responsible for devising and delivering primary school workshops

I devised and delivered a wide range of courses in public speaking and effective communication for professional voice users for nearly 20 years through The Conrad Voice Consultancy. In June 2010, the Consultancy evolved into The Academy of Oratory, as part of which I devise and deliver speech writing services and specialist training courses for individuals, groups and companies in public speaking and effective communication skills.

I contributed a monthly column on learning English as a second or other language for In Flight magazine between May 2013 and January 2017.

I devised and delivered the first public courses in the UK which led to Trinity College London qualifications in Effective Communication.

I devised and delivered public courses for speakers of English as a second language which led to ESB qualifications, with students consistently achieving high marks in their examinations.

I have performed as a storyteller and performance poet.

I have twice been poet in residence at the Pleasance Dome in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Fringe.

I have had numerous articles published on voice care and education and other specialist subjects in specialist magazines as well as in national press.

I have been interviewed on television and radio as a specialist in voice-centred communication skills and co-hosted a series of radio programmes called 'The Talking Shop' on various aspects of storytelling.


What I teach:


Traditional Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric
Thinking Skills
Preparation for the 11+ and 13+ exams (Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning, Maths and English)

Music Theory (ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall, LCM; other boards on request)

Piano and Voice (As above)

Maths (to GCSE level)

English (to A level)

Interview techniques 

Public speaking, effective communication and listening skills (LAMDA, Trinity Guildhall, English Speaking Board exams; English Speaking Union competition, etc)

Improvisation and Storytelling

Foundation skills:

Learn to learn

Study/exam techniques

Critical thinking

Logic, Grammar, Rhetoric (as a foundation for learning, thinking, self-expression)


Age groups I specialise in:

9 to 11 

11 to 13

13 to 16

16 to 19

Adult learners


SEN experience:

I have taught praxic, dyspraxic and dyslexic children and children with dyscalculia 


Some practicalities:


My tutoring service is home-based. I am situated near Wimbledon Park tube station. 

For details of Skype sessions, see below.

Group sizes:

I teach 1:1 or in small groups of three students maximum.


I offer free telephone consultation sessions.

A one-off 1:1 consultation session in person typically lasts one hour and a half and costs £60.

Regular 1:1 sessions are booked in 10-week stretches, payable in advance at £45 per 1-hour session.

Regular 1:2 sessions are booked in 10-week stretches, payable in advance at £37.50 per person per hour.

Regular 1:3 sessions are booked in 10-week stretches, payable in advance at £30 per person per hour .

Cancellations for reasons other than sickness are not refundable, but sessions can be rearranged within a 12-week window which is usually term-based.

Skype Sessions:

I tutor overseas students via Skype. 
I speak 5 languages (English, Russian, French, Italian and Arabic, with a working knowledge of Spanish and German). 
I only teach in English.

An initial consultation session which typically lasts one hour costs £50.
This allows me to get to know a bit about each student and for each student to get to try out a session and see how it works.
During the session, I assess the student's level of language and thinking skills and identify key target achievements to work on.
Based on this individual assessment, a series of lessons will be agreed.
What happens in a session?
(1) Preparation
A piece of preparatory work will be emailed out to the student ahead of the lesson.
It could be a passage of fiction or non-fiction, a puzzle, a riddle, or a creative task.
I always try to link material to the subjects that most interest each student.
(2) During the session, which typically lasts 45 minutes, the student will discuss the work.
Spoken and written language exercises will be chosen in response to the level of the student's discussion.
A live Skype session typically includes conversation work, pronunciation work, grammar, spelling, communication and thinking skills.
I am a qualified Voice Teacher and work as an oracy consultant in schools, so provide an all-round service in terms of communicating your thoughts in English clearly and effectively.
(3) After the session, a piece of written homework is given to assess learning and a new piece of preparatory work issued for the next session.
Regular 1:1 sessions which include preparation, teaching and marking time cost £60, usually payable in advance in series of 6.

Please email for further details.


Generally weekday afternoons, some evenings and weekends.

Other times by arrangement.



Leon Conrad

31 Ryfold Road, Wimbledon Park, London SW19 8DF

Tel 020 8286 8224

Mobile 07942 70 20 10 (+44 7942 70 20 10)

Email leon at traditionaltutor dot co dot uk (or click on link to the left)


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I'm also involved with:

The Academy of Oratory

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